About Us

Nurture You. Nurture the World

Cancer may have claimed my voice and my swallow but it could not kill my spirit. From the depths of darkness I rise again to stand tall to dream, love, smile and live again. Every surgical scar and daily challenge is a reminder that we take too many things for granted. We need to cherish every blessing in life by nurturing gratitude within us.

With humility, gratitude and prayer as my weapons I started this new dream, a business venture to find and source products for people that will spread happiness and well-being. Every product I hope to introduce will nurture self care/self love and gratitude for nature and this beautiful planet. I hope you will join me on this journey

– cancer survivor, Laryngectomee, and founder of Nurturify.

Hi, I’m Monowara, the founder of Nurturify. I a mum of three girls aged 15, 6 and 4, once an overweight food lover and a successful lawyer with a big voice. I had everything I could have wanted in life and like most took everything for granted until cancer claimed almost everything from me. I am now a Laryngectomee (my voice box has been removed) and I live with the challenges of being a neck breather and having Dysphagia ( difficulty swallowing). When the most basic things such as the ability to swallow my own saliva and to eat food was taken away from me, I was pushed to the edge of the cliff. What pulled me back was a positive mind set achieved by nurturing me (self love through self-care) and a gratitude for nature and this planet.

Buying gifts for my family and friends is something that always made me feel happy. I felt grateful for just having the ability to buy something. Nurturing feelings of self worth, gratitude and love for myself and the planet in my shopping experience took ‘retail therapy’ to another level for me. I believe it is a great way to promote mental wellbeing and strength within. I want to share this experience with you through Nurturify.

If you want to learn more about Dysphagia and my cancer journey please read the poem below (written by a dear friend to help me come to terms with my losses;

“ Thank you to my dear friend Masuma for writing this beautiful poem and allowing me to express my inner most feelings. It has really empowered me with strength and optimism.”    Monowara